Fibromyalgia – yes there is a cure! Fibromyalgia – yes there is a cure! Fibromyalgia – yes there is a cure!
Fibromyalgia – yes there is a cure!

« I am an ex-fibromyalgic. To live fully, to no longer have any pain, it is really possible.» Francine C., nurse

« I firmly believed that only traditional medicine and its doctors and researchers could find a solution to heal my fibromyalgia. I read everything that was written on the disease. After 10 years of false hopes, of pain and of no longer believing in anything, in having lost the desire to live and without any short term solution for relief in sight, I arrived at the PsychoPhysio Center. Two weeks of treatment and I had lost 30% of pain and today, 7 months later, I no longer have any pain. The treatment did more than relieve my physical pain, I am reborn in all aspects. It is the greatest gift that life has given me.»
Nathalie L., president of a company

« I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in March 2000 after over twenty years of research to understand what was wrong with me. I had exhausted all resources. Today, I see all that I have received through the non-conventional and innovative approach of PsychoPhysio. I understood why I had Fibromyalgia as a result of many traumas. After a month of treatment my condition had greatly improved. I thank life for crossing paths with the team at PsychoPhysio that brings a new understanding of pain treatment to the therapeutic world and to myself, a new life.»
Nicole, J., social worker and family and couple counselor

« The Psycho Physio treatment is like being reborn without constraints and with the desire to live your life to make up for lost time. No more pain !!! Understanding why all of this happened to us brings peace of mind and this money can’t buy.»
Madeleine B., administrative secretary

« What an experience, an adventure into myself that brings me to the discovery of my reason for being. After many rebellions, I am at the stage of applying my new understanding. Result: my life is easier than I thought, without forcing things, without struggle. I have lessened my fears and I have tools that embellish my today.»
Darie C., nurse

« Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in March 1999, I had only one thought in mind, to find a cure. This is when began a long battle against intolerable pain. I tried everything along with traditional medicine: massages, naturopathy, fasting, hydrotherapy, etc. Nothing worked and this was the beginning of a descent into solitude and great despair, to the point of considering ending my life. I started my treatment with PsychoPhysio in March 2002. Right from the first phase, my pain disappeared. Today, in February 2003, I am still in great shape and have good health. Thank you to the people that work at the Center for giving me a second life.»
Clémence F., shopkeeper

« This treatment is a process of liberation of inner tensions that leads to the disappearance of external pain, that is physical pain, and gives you a feeling of well-being that is almost indescribable. Thanks to Psycho Physio.»
R.R., nun retired from teaching

« The Sound Resonance treatments are unique, efficient, fast and so liberating. The PsychoPhysio treatment allowed me to rediscover my person as a whole with people I trusted. Fibromyalgia is now just a bad dream.»
Aline L., nurse

« Eight months after my delivery, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The pain became so intense, I was no longer able to conduct my interviews at work and the fatigue forced me to lie down during most of the day. The pain never ceased to increase, my morale deteriorated. I couldn’t do any housework, even walk, without being afraid that my knees would give out. I saw my family become sad and worried, overwhelmed by it all. I decided to undergo the PsychoPhysio treatment. I observed that slowly after the treatments, certain aches would lessen, my body was letting go of tension to get rid of a big part of the pain and I was able to stop using my cane. Today, I started working again and resumed my social activities. I am able to take my daughter in my arms, to play with her in the park, pick apples, walk in the forest, do housecleaning without any problems! I can simply add this, thanks to you PsychoPhysio.»
Josée L., social worker

« A solution exists…I heard on many occasions. Now I found it and I know it works. Thank you life ! I do not have to convince you of the value of the PsychoPhysio treatment, I am an ex-fibromyalgic. To live fully, to no longer have any pain, it is really possible.»
Francine C., nurse

« Already nearly 7years… I have to think back and remember! Yes, it is possible to feel good, to no longer have any pain and to be happy even if one day you were diagnosed with fibromyalgia. And it lasts! There is no magic recipe. I received the treatments, I was given help and the tools by the team at PsychoPhysio.»
Carole G., office clerk

« Sick with fibromyalgia for many years, the continuous pain poisoned my life. I can no longer even hold a cup of coffee in the morning. I arrived at the PsychoPhysio Center in July 1996. A few months later, fibro is a thing of the past and I realized a great dream. On October 12 1996, I jumped out of an airplane with a parachute.»
Monique F., retiree

« April 1998, I am 32 years old and the verdict of fibromyalgia is given to me be my doctor. For someone like me who shared a lot of time with her children in sporting activity, this meant that the more time passed, less I would be able to do. I am 37 today and a few months after the beginning of my treatment, I am starting to like sports once again. I have started cycling once more, walking, playing softball and swimming. The PsychoPhysio Center gave me back my physical health but also my mental health. Thanks to all the team for their generosity, their kindness, their professionalism and mostly, for my giving me back my health.»
Josée L., child care service manager

« After years of personal research, I found at the PsychoPhysio Center a unique treatment that gave me the opportunity to really go deep down into myself and finally gave me the answers for the cause and the origin of my sickness. Quickly, I was able to see the strength of the physical and psychological impact of the treatment. The pain, the fatigue, the depression were rapidly replaced by health, joy and the pleasure of going back to work and to activities that I had left behind. I am grateful to the team at PsychoPhysio.»
L.F., psychologist

« When I was diagnosed, I was told that it was incurable and that I should expect to end my life in a wheelchair. The effects of the PsychoPhysio treatment were very very beneficial, quickly. I saw all my pain go away and lost all sensitivity on the fibromyalgia pressure points. I now have lots of energy, which is something that I have never really had in all of my life; so, I gained back my full physical and mental health.»
Christiane N., manager

« The results of the treatment were that within three months, I no longer needed a cane to get around. I felt much better.»
Louise F., managerial assistant

« After my stay at Psycho Physio I have a quality of life that I could never have hoped for. I can now, without pain, open and close a door, go up and down stairs, run, dance, move my head, move an object, wear normal shoes, sleep. Touch has replaced painful sensitivity. I can shake hands. I now live with hope, lucidity, peaceful rest and joy.»
Luce G., managerial secretary

« To my great surprise, during the first phase of the treatments, I started to feel some improvement. After that, through the second and third phase I felt more and more improvement. Today, I can function normally and I was taught the means to take so that fibromyalgia would not come back, make me suffer and render my life impossible. I would have liked to know this Center before because I have the impression that I lost many good years.»
Monique J., trainer

« All my symptoms of fibromyalgia have completely disappeared ; I can say that I no longer have any pain that was related to my fibromyalgia. The back pain, the hip and the knee pain, insomnia, everything gradually disappeared and I went back to work.»
Christine M., teacher

« The generalized pain related to fibromyalgia as well as all of the related symptoms had gradually destroyed my quality of life. After a few months at the PsychoPhysio Center, the symptoms and the pain have disappeared.»
Monique B., nurse

« I am now in shape, I went back to work. I would recommend the treatment. It is the only efficient solution for the problems related to fibromyalgie, I don’t know of any other.»
Berthelyne L., sales coordinator

« I lack the words to express to what point my life is beautiful since the disappearance of the physical and psychological pain related to the syndrom of fibromyalgia. I had almost forgotten, through these years of living hell, the happiness that one feels when doing things by oneself, without waiting for someone else…or simply the joy of playing with your children.»
Linda H., secretary

« The PsychoPhysio treatment, a pause in my life, a path to health. It was to give me the chance to find myself, to understand myself, to love myself. There were many many painful and sombre years. Now the sun is back and I like it. Your guidance was essential and was extremely appreciated !»
Marie-Claude S., nurse

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